Water Boatmen

Water Boatmen

Like all aquatic bugs, water boatmen lack gills; they breathe air when at the surface of the water. They frequently carry an air bubble on their body surface or under their wings, and draw oxygen from this bubble while they are underwater.

Water boatmen can swim rapidly, but they are easy enough to catch with a pool scoop. They are attracted to light and can be caught easly if you turn on your pool light at night and wait for them to congregate around it.

Most water boatmen eat algae and minute aquatic organisms. Some are predaceous and feed on mosquito larvae and other small aquatic animals; in this way, they help to control aquatic pests. But don't worry the ones you have in your pool don't bite and are the algae eating varity.
Water boatmen are sometimes confused with backswimmers, which are generally larger bugs that swim upside down and deliver a painful bite.

Algae is the Boatmens food sourse and when the conditions are right in your pool algae is constantly trying to grow. Chlorine kills the algae by reducing the oxygen in the water which suffacates it.

Things to try:

Super Chlorinating
Fluccing water and vacuuming to waste
Increasing filtration time
Remove algae forming debris

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